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Please Contact Us (1-800-535-6649) for detailed information about these cost saving technologies.

Feedwater Heaters

American Power Services (APS) offers the unique ability to emergency plug your feedwater heater utilizing the following technologies: Explosive Welded Plugs, Proprietary Instaplugs and Mechanical Tube Plugs.

American Power Services also has a robotic arm which allows for leaking tubes to be plugged while the unit is on line without entering the confined space of a hemispherical head utilizing remote control.

Please Contact Us (1-800-535-6649) for detailed information about these cost saving technologies.

American Power Services (APS) is the single-source for heat transfer equipment services ranging from over the phone troubleshooting to complete turn key rebuilding projects at your facility. APS has 50 dedicated heat exchanger service technicians located throughout the United States with over 500 years of combined experience available 24/7 to help solve your heat transfer equipment problems.

Heat transfer equipment includes: tubular heat exchangers such as, condensers, feedwater heaters, oil coolers, cooling water coolers, evaporators, hydrogen coolers, air pre-heaters, air cooled exchangers, steam to hot water converters, reboilers, steam jet air ejectors, air cooled condensers, fin fan air coolers and other pressure vessels.

emergency plug your feedwater heater - American Power Services

American Power Services considers our customers as our boss and our employees as owners. APS technicians are trained and certified in order to facilitate safe, quality and efficient operations. Since our service is a direct reflection of the technician performing the work, APS offers monthly, semi-annual and annual merit based incentives for safety, quality and profitability are awarded to deserving APS technicians. Management's respect combined with our incentive program and the customer feedback from our "Service Survey" for each job performed helps insures the highest level of service in the industry. Our goal is to create Raving Fans in each of the customers we serve.

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